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“ We are still shipping out orders for in available stock items daily but we sincerely apologize in advance that delays are possible due to current and changing circumstances, we pray and hope for everyone’s safety, good health and return towards normalcy ”

The average estimated delivery time to the US is 7-14 days. Excluding the processing time, which takes 24-48h depends on the inventory availability, if not, the processing time will be 3-5 business days, and if the products are stocked in our Manufacturers warehouses (For ex: If the product inventory is available to US warehouse the delivery is within 3 to 5 business days in US states) nearest to your shipping address, then the delivery time is 2-7 days by USPS. Still, if you have more concern and questions on delivery and processing time please read the details below.

1. How does Hawkerrz ship my order and how long does it take?

The total time that takes for your parcel to get to you is the sum of the processing time (the time between placing and shipping your order) and shipping time (the time between shipping and delivering your order).

You will receive a confirmation email upon placing the order and another email once your order is dispatched. The second email will constitute all the tracking information required.

All orders from Hawkerrz are guaranteed to be delivered within 60 days; however, the time still may vary according to the country you reside in and the shipping method.

You can get a full refund if your order doesn’t get delivered to you.

You can’t however get a refund under the following circumstances:

  • Delays on part of the buyer by providing wrong or incomplete information/address
  • Delays in delivery due to act of God, such as storms, bad weather, disasters
  • Un-insured order that gets lost or stolen
  • Delays due to situations beyond Hawkerrz control, such as public holidays, etc.

The shipping time mentioned refers to regular business days and they don’t include Saturday/Sunday and any other public holidays.

2. How much does shipping cost?

We provide FREE SHIPPING on most countries; however, the following circumstances may arise. 

The prices of our items vary according to the shipping method, location, type, and shipping warehouse you select. The shipping fees of each order can be checked on the page and at checkout.

  • You must choose the correct delivery country in the “Ship to” box on the page top.
  • Select the correct, nearest warehouse.
  • Select an appropriate shipping method.
  • You can then view an estimate of the shipping fees.

3. Can I select an express shipping method in case I want to get my parcel urgently?

The covid-19 has greatly affected the express checkout process. We are trying out our best to resume the Express shipping process shortly.

4. Why can I not choose my preferred courier?

We always try to offer the best and fastest courier service according to your location and shipping method.

5. Why am I not getting the option of free shipping to my country?

We do not offer free shipping to some countries if we can’t find a cheap and trustworthy delivery service in your area. However, we commit to providing free shipping to a number of countries and you might be able to avail this option in the near future.

Unshipped Orders

1. Can the delivery of my order be affected by public holidays and unforeseeable events?

The deliveries can be subject to slight delays due to such events as well as public holidays. However, to reduce inconvenience for you, we post a reminder on our Site before such public holidays.

2. What does it mean if my order status says “Back Order”?

It means that if you have ordered multiple products, your order might get split since some of the products are currently out of stock.

3. How long will Hawkerrz take to deliver my order?

The average estimated delivery time to most countries is 7-14 days or earlier. Excluding the processing time, which takes 1-2 business days to process your order. Once your payment is received, our manufacturer starts on testing, packing, and dispatching your order and get you your order as early as possible.

Shipped Orders

1. How do I deal with customs duties?

We can’t control or predict the custom duties on your order. You must please contact the Customs agency to inquire about this matter. If you however choose an express shipping method, there’s a higher possibility of it being taxed.

If you are a wholesaler, please ensure compliance with tax regulations for selling our products. However, if you have tax insurance, you are most welcome to make a claim and we will reimburse all taxes and duties you have paid.

2. What can I do if I rejected my order?

If you reject your order or custom duties, your items will be returned to Hawkerrz. When the order status shows “returned to sender/Hawkerrz”, you can then ask us to refund your order. Hawkerrz after deducting the delivery charges and its return will reimburse the amount.

3. The delivery of my parcel is taking longer than expected. Can I do anything about it?

You can take the following steps:

  • Check the order status.
  • If it can be tracked, calculate the number of business days between the present date and shipment date.
  • If the estimated delivery time exceeds, you can confirm if the shipping address you entered is correct.
  • If there are no such problems, your delivery may have been delayed due to Customs or clearance procedures.

If all these steps are of no avail and your order has still not been delivered, please contact us and we will arrange a refund or reshipment at the earliest.

4. Why is my order at the local post office?

Orders that are shipped with Standard shipping or free shipping might get delivered to your local post office. You will be informed once it arrives there.

Please use your identity document and tracking number to collect your order from the local post office.

Also, if the parcel is too big for your mailbox or you are not at home, your parcel may get delivered to the local post office. A notice will be left at your door in such a case.

5. What can I do if I want a refund, repair, or reshipment of my order?

You always have the option to choose repair, refund, or reship on the My Orders page of Hawkerrz. We will process your case and give a response within 24 working hours.

Please select one of the options only once for each product1

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