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Pet Products Traction Rope Multifunctional


  • Suitable for daily activities, walking the dog at night, holidays, travel, outdoors, hiking, and any gathering.
  • Made of premium nylon material, the pet harness is not easy to shrink after washing and is safe for the pet’s skin or hair.
  • Featuring reflective design and good abrasion resistance, the pet leash makes it safer to walk your dog at night, at the same time
  • Soft and comfortable, it will not be tiring to hold for a long time, reducing the pulling force of the hand when the pet bursts rushing, and the hand from injury.

Durable material rope:-The adjustable leash is made of thick, wear-resistant nylon, and uses innovative Zero Shock Technology perfect for control and cushioning the pulling. WARNING:-We highly recommend you use it with a sturdy dog harness for safety! Do not fasten the dog leash to a collar! D-Ring:-This dog leash is fitted with a lightweight but super durable carabiner, the same material used and trusted by climbers. The curved design is more ergonomic so that it can lock the D-ring more easily. The soft padded handle provides amazing comfort and protects your hand from sudden strong pulling forces Adjustable length:-You can adjust the length from 1.2m-1.8m, suitable for small, medium, and large dogs. And the highly reflective threads ensure you are both safe and visible on your night walks. The other one is located near the carabiner, for keeping your dog close to you as a short leash. Two-in-one function=leash&seat belt:-Our dog lead not only could be used as a lead, but also as a dog car seat belt. Designed with aviation aluminum alloy carabiner, extra durable and lightweight, with a max force of 400 kg.

Product information:

Material: Polyester
Product Category: Traction Belt
Scalable: Yes
Color: sapphire blue (simplified packaging 270g), orange (simplified packaging 270g), fluorescent green (simplified packaging 270g), fluorescent orange (with foam), sapphire blue (with foam), fluorescent green (with foam)
Specification: (length * width)
2.5*160 (waist belt 70-120cm) (retractable running belt 160-260cm)

Packing list:

  • Chemical fiber pet leash x1


Pet Products Traction Rope Multifunctional 6Pet Products Traction Rope Multifunctional 7Pet Products Traction Rope Multifunctional 8

Additional information

Weight0.27 g
Dimensions200 × 100 × 30 cm

Fluorescent orange, Sapphire blue, Orange, Fluorescent green

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14 Reviews For This Product

  1. 14

    by Julia J

    This is amaozing I can finally go for a walk with my dog and he is not pulling me I have husky cross and he dont like to walk on a leash but with this one he need to use a lot of force to pull so he is tired quick I absolutly love this is a gamechanger when we going out

  2. 14

    by Winky Wonker

    Good leash, not the most comfortable handle but good enough, great for pulling I used on 4 month old husky. The materials and quality is great. My only gripe is that is was too short but mebe I just ordered for the wrong reasons and may be better when the dogs bigger.

  3. 14

    by Patrick M. Nguyen

    I previously gave this product a 2 star rating because one of the adjustable buckles (which were made with plastic) snapped a few minutes in and i had to tie a knot to secure the waistband. Everything else was really great including the quality of the bungee leash.

  4. 14

    by Candy R. Hampton

    This is a nice quality lead! It’s definitely nice to be handsfree while on a walk. However, the bungee-style lead seems to have made my pup regress in some ways.

  5. 14

    by Samantha Grun

    Just love this leash, As a senior I am now able to walk my dog hands free most of the time therefor I am able to get more exercise from my walk .The handles are close within my reach for control of my dog if need be. The belt slides around my waist easily when he want’s to sniff different areas .I have used this for a week now and am quite pleased with my purchase.

  6. 14

    by Trang F. Fincher

    The best part of this leash is that the bungee reduces it’s length so that it’s less likely to get caught under one of the dog’s front paws. It’s worth mentioning that it appears to be very well made and durable. The downside is that for a 50 lb dog I think the bungee should have more resistance. This would be more suitable for me if I could select a version of it more suitable for my dog’s weight

  7. 14

    by Richard L. Cullinan

    My little cockapoo always pulled on any leashed and hated the nose leash. He knows not to pull and knows that if I tug on the leash he needs to fall back and look at me. The elasticity of this leash provides that feeling without me having to intervene. He just sets himself over time and it’s a pleasant walk. I just hate holding leashes.

  8. 14

    by Ruth S. Nelson

    I like to go out to photograph in nature. Finally no worries about having an armed yanked by the leash and losing a shot or worse dropping the camera. The stretchy leash is also much easier on my dogs neck as the tension builds as he wanders in stead of the jerk with a regular leash when he get to the limit.

  9. 14

    by Marilyn R. Martinez

    I have been using this for months now and really like being hands free with my dog. Now you can walk and play on your phone like a mindless drone with your fur friend right beside you! It’s sturdy, I have a large husky and he can’t pull me at the waist. My one complaint is that I wish the leash itself was longer. Nonetheless, the price was right so it deserves 5 stars.

  10. 14

    by Paul R. Chapman

    I finally tried my hands free leash with my border collie and I love it! I can finally take him droneing with me without having to steak him down he can now follow me anywhere! I’m questioning how strong the link will be between the leash and belt! I can always somehow reinforce it! But it works super well

  11. 14

    by Vivian R. Little

    I love this leash! So much easier to walk hands free. I really like the 2 handles on it for easy control with your dog. Great for any kinda activity with your dog. Ei hiking running or walking.

  12. 14

    by David B. Stafford

    Love this leash. I don’t use it for running as my puppy can’t keep up with my pace. But for walks, it’s great to be hands free. Obviously not ideal for training a puppy on how to walk properly but super convenient for the hooman who wants to use his phone while walking the pooch.

  13. 14

    by Anna R. Counts

    I absolutely love this leash! Being able to walk hands free and know my dog is safe is a great feeling. He also gets excited when I take the leash out and he knows this leash equals a long walk

  14. 14

    by Joann M. Bryant

    I really enjoyed this product .. durable. I recommend👍🏼 . However keep out of reach. My friends dog came for a visit and chewed the connector for the waist belt. So we cannot use it anymore 🥴🤦🏼‍♀️

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Pet Products Traction Rope Multifunctional