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Outdoor windproof camping gas stove


  • Can meet the outdoor food needs of 2-3 people.
  • Convenient to carry, the burner head and fuel gas tank can be installed in the pot body without occupying space.
  • There is no need to buy a bowl separately. We combined the pot and the bowl into one.
  • The heat collecting device of the heat collecting ring is installed, and the heat is not wasted, which is faster than the ordinary furnace and saves gas.
  • Windproof design, no need to purchase the additional windproof board.
    Electronic ignition without manual ignition.
  • Low altitude and high altitude can be used normally.

Product parameters: outdoor dedicated furnace
Material: Hard gas alumina
Net weight: 700G
Gross weight: 781g
Size: 13 * 13 * 25cm
Ignition method: piezoelectric ignition
Fuel: Propane, Butane
Capacity: 1400m
Power: 3685W
Packing: net bag plus carton

Note: The gas tank is not in the product range, only for display!


Outdoor windproof camping gas stove 8Outdoor windproof camping gas stove 9Outdoor windproof camping gas stove 10

Additional information

Weight0.75 g
Dimensions150 × 150 × 270 cm


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16 Reviews For This Product

  1. 16

    by Walker

    This stove is very similar to many othersof this design. It well put together and looks smart. The pot is big enough to brew tea for 2 or 3. The igniter works first click. The pot is big enough to store a gas cylinder. It boils water very very quickly.

  2. 16

    by Vivian R. Little

    I really like my Primal Ridge Sabre 900ml stove. It’s easy to set up and use, and the bag that it comes with is awesome! I like the fact that it also comes with an adaptor so that you can use regular pots as well. While the stove is a great deal, the customer service at Primal Ridge is above and beyond! I had a small issue with my stove when it arrived, and they immediately sent me a replacement and corrected the issue! I had the replacement in two days.

  3. 16

    by Miguel G.

    I love this stove. I bought it to add to my packing set up. I took it packing, camping,to the park, to the beach, and even on my roof. I would suggest getting some little pots and pans and you got everything you need. Seriously this thing is my favorite new toy and I has made my summer alot better. My friend who is a very experienced backpacker suggested this one because it’s similar to his jet boil

  4. 16

    by Ebony Cardona

    I got to use my gas stove for the first time this summer in NZ for camping and over night hikes – and I loved it !! It’s been super simple, functional and easy to pack. The bag is so versatile with extra space to fold in my silicon plates/bowls and space for my cutlery – a one stop shop!!

  5. 16

    by Jason Denk

    Great product very comparable to a jet boil except has a better heat exchanger. We were camping and my friend had his jet boil out. Started them both at the same time with the same amount of water (it was around 35-40 degrees out with 10-15mph winds) except he put the lid on his. Mine came to a rolling boil about 45 secs to one minutes faster. Used it multiple times through the week. Great product.

  6. 16

    by Lillie L. Sheets

    I used this on a 2 week trip through Medicine Bow Forest. It’s lightweight, packable and very user friendly. We were camping above the treeline so it was quite windy. The stove stayed lit and heated up the water quickly.

  7. 16

    by Robert J. Rodriguez

    I love my new Primal Ridge Sabre portable stove. They’ve thought of everything the carry bag is super convenient and the strap makes it easy to carry. It boils in 2-3 minutes and the extra capacity is great. I can even fit my fuel canister in the bag which is included this is super handy too. I just did 8 days camping and hiking and the burner worked faultlessly. I’ll be buying another one as a gift, love it!

  8. 16

    by Bert J. Ballard

    Very easy to use, but wash the container that you boil the water in. Wash it many, many times, because otherwise it will give water a god awful oily teflon taste.

  9. 16

    by William W. Friend

    Wonderful product! I am able to heat my soup quickly without any problems. I will most definitely be taking this little guy with me on any future field exercises

  10. 16

    by Alfred D. Blake

    Love it if you’ve used jetboil it’s a direct copy at a fraction of the price my jetboil cost me $160 for just the unit nothing extra this came with everything a heavy bag, pot holder, and gas holder for $70.00 what a steal I’m definitely ordering a other one for that cost.

  11. 16

    by Marian K. Crain

    I love this unit. I bring it out and work and all my co-workers ask where I got it and two weeks later everyone has one. Love supporting small local businesses.

  12. 16

    by Carole M. Watson

    It is exactly what it said it would be. It’s so easy to assemble my 5-year-old daughter could assemble. I can’t wait to use it for many more adventures to come in the coming years.

  13. 16

    by Matthew J. Acevedo

    I like the Carey case, it is good quality. It has a little storage pocket and a strap is available option. Stove is easy to use and good quality. I’m waiting for the upgraded needle. The needle or pin is a bit to short to use with many different cans of fule. That’s my only complaint.

  14. 16

    by Lizabeth K. Warlick

    I’m an adventure rider and have been looking for a product like this for years. I can strap this to my luggage on my Africa Twin and easy to access for a quick cupper or meal when travelling. This is a great product and the carry bag is sensational for my needs. Love this product.

  15. 16

    by Ebony Cardona

    I love this little compact cooker, I literally take it everywhere when out in the car. Its fast to boil and can be used as a mug… Just awesome!

  16. 16

    by Candy R. Hampton

    I love it and my backpacker friends who had Jetboils were envious of the wide mouth which makes eating out of it easier.

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Outdoor windproof camping gas stove