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Outdoor Pet Tent


  •  100% super soft microfiber and PP cotton.
  • The bottom is moisture-proof, waterproof & non-slip.
  • Installation is very convenient and the operation is very simple.
  • Pets can quickly calm and relax and has their own private space.


Only need to pull two ropes, easily pull the bottom to the top, and hear a pop to prove that it has been installed and fixed



Dimensions: unrolled 79 * 77 * 62cm

Storage size: 16 * 56cm

Material: polyester fabric, waterproof coating

Composition: storage bag * 1 tent * 1


Package Content:

1 x Pet Tent

Outdoor Pet Tent 6Outdoor Pet Tent 7Outdoor Pet Tent 8

Additional information

Weight0.65 g
Dimensions160 × 560 × 30 cm


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16 Reviews For This Product

  1. 16

    by Alan Winters

    The kitties loooove this tent! It looks so much like a people tent that I get compliments on it from guests all the time. The kitties love to sleep in it, play in it, and check on it throughout the day. They spend more time in this tent than any of the other cat huts I have for them. Their favorite place!

  2. 16

    by Maggie Chesterfield

    My dog absolutely loves this tent, I have to fight him to put it away as I want to use it when camping next year. I received it just before firework night and I let him use it for a little bit as he felt very safe inside.

  3. 16

    by Carmen L. Gonzalez

    We saw the tent for the dogs on Rügen on the beach and fell in love with it right away.
    Our little one is also very impressed by her cave.
    Are super happy

  4. 16

    by Samantha Grun

    Great tent with great packing size. Super practical for a dog who comes to rest much better in a cave. Unfortunately, the tent arrived slightly damaged. In some places, the seams were damaged. The seller, however, was super cooperative and gave a great discount. I will repair the tent myself and continue to enjoy it afterwards.

  5. 16

    by James L. Sullivan

    It’s the dogs. Christmas presents so. Will post photo vid soon

  6. 16

    by Brian M. Campbell

    I really like the tent and it’s size but one of the sides where you place the end of the pole came ripped so I had to sew it so it can hold the poles in place. One of the poles also snapped at the end, it’s still useable but just a bit flimsy.

  7. 16

    by Crystal J. Kelley

    This little tent is really cute and the price is right but you really need to wear gloves or handle the support rods with a towel or something because you will get tiny little fiberglass splinters that are extremely irritating and almost impossible to get out of your fingers and hands! Also, the silver rod extensions are a pain because they slip off easily..

  8. 16

    by Debra B. Blankenship

    It took a long time to arrive, and the whole time I’m regretting buying this adorable tent for my dog. The tent poles and joints are all separate, it took me a minute to figure out how to get it together. The poles gave me tiny invisible splinters that I’m very aware of as I type this. But it’s so adorable! And the price was right! Would I buy it again? Maybe. Depends if my dog actually uses it I think. My dog is 25lbs, and I bought the larger size. I think that’s a good size for her.

  9. 16

    by Vivian R. Little

    Bought this my neighbors cat that stays outside. It does tear easy with their claws. But he jumped in and wouldn’t move. Wish it came with stakes but those are cheap enough to get. It’s great for shade on the hot days.

  10. 16

    by Candy R. Hampton

    This actually was much easier to put together than I thought based on some other remarks. As soon as I set it up my dog ran right in and she will not let the cats in it which is unusual because she usually lets them do as they please. It is also adorable.

  11. 16

    by Candy R. Hampton

    I swear getting toys for cats that they’ll play with forever is impossible. Its even harder for 2 cats to like the same thing. However, I continue to see my cats jump in there together to soak up the sun day after day. I have no idea why they like the tent so much but they’re happy so I’m happy.

  12. 16

    by Joshua H. Mendoza

    So far so good. My dog loves it. Great quality for the price. Took them camping already and my dog stayed in them. Will be taking it again for camping tomorrow. Would highly recommend

  13. 16

    by Nicole L. Davidson

    Our cat recently had a medical issue and was craving hiding spots. We kind of bought her this tent as a joke but she loves it. All recovered and still likes hanging out in her tent.

  14. 16

    by Alice M. Baker

    We needed something light and easy to put on our boat so our pup can get some shade. We also have an ice pack that goes under his blanket to keep him cooler. He loves it and I don’t have to worry about him overheating while we are fishing. Win-win! It isn’t too difficult to assemble and the flaps and zippers all make it more useful. I’m not sure about longevity yet, but worth it so far.

  15. 16

    by Ebony Cardona

    We camp with our cairn terrier. I purchased this mini tent as a prop, a gag, to get a laugh from nearby campers. The joke is on us. WYNN LOVES THE TENT! He went right in after I placed one of his blankets inside.

  16. 16

    by InessaOnMt

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