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New Powerful Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner


  • Function clean up the gaps in the car, Clean up the keyboard desktop, clean the sofa carpet
  •  Feng Cordless Car Vacuum With Powerful Suction, Mini Vacuum For Crevices, Keyboard Cleaner
  •  USB Rechargeable,09-Kitchen-14A 736 High-Quality MYFCordless Car Vacuum
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Color classification: ordinary [black], upgraded [black] send five accessories, home, and car dual-use – upgrade [black] send five accessories, three in one [white] send five accessories (vacuum + aromatherapy + lighting, home, and car dual-use – three in one [white] send five accessories (vacuum + aromatherapy + photo, home, and car dual-use – three in one [white] send five accessories

Product information:

Product name: car vacuum cleaner

Rated voltage: DC12V
Vacuum: p 4500 pa
Material: ABS shell
Accessories: all kinds of the suction head
Color: Starry sky black pearl white
Rated power: 120W
Power cord length: about 5 meters

New Powerful Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner 7New Powerful Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner 8New Powerful Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner 9

Additional information

Weight0.50 g
Dimensions240 × 80 × 190 cm

Black, White

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16 Reviews For This Product

  1. 16

    by Lily T

    What a great portable handheld car vacuum! I used to run in the house to grab our vacuum to clean the car but now I just leave this stylish piece in my trunk.

  2. 16

    by Maki H.

    Very nice looking vacuum. It folds over and becomes compact and easy to store. When you open it up it is easy to hold and has a bunch of attachments to use. The suction power is strong and can easily pick up all the crumbs that my son drops in my car. Overall, very satisfied and would recommend!

  3. 16

    by Pamela S. Crisp

    This vacuum is very handy and perfect for use in the car and on the go especially have young kids in the car. The vacuum is lightweight but has strong power, and battery last very long. It is USB charged, easily charge on the go. The vacuum can be use to get the corners and carpet on the car and seats. Highly recommended!

  4. 16

    by Ronald T. Numbers

    This vacuum cleaner is very powerful, easy to carry, easy to clean, cheap, and highly recommended

  5. 16

    by Ebony Cardona

    small yet powerful. first time using it after fully charged. does it’s job well in the car carpets and some corners. and most importantly it’s cordless. save time and money no need to go to gas stations. I am going to try to use in my home too. great buy.

  6. 16

    by Victor A. Lowe

    The vacuum is portable, it has great suction power even though it is small. It easily picks up the dirt and debris. It’s very convenient to use.

  7. 16

    by Ronald T. Numbers

    This powerful vacuum suction was strong and powerful. I use to vacuum my car seat and underneath seats with no problems. My baby always eats in my car and spill all over place. With this small handheld vacuum make my life easier and my car clean .

  8. 16

    by Erin R. Brown

    I saw this little cute cordless vacuum at the Amazon, wants to give it a try , it was amazing because I always have a problem for my rooms , I have a big fluffy dog he shedding a lot at the summer times. This little cutie vacuum it just perfectly works well on every corner of my room. I would recommend this to all the friends I know to buy this one if they have the same problem that I had .

  9. 16

    by Samantha Grun

    The device is very lightweight and it can reach all the difficult places and properly clean it all up. Also, it isn’t too big and can be transported pretty easily. Overall it is one of the best cleaning devices I’ve used.

  10. 16

    by Robert E. Wolf

    Cordless vacuum cleaners are easier to use. I have used a corded 4-in-1 vacuum cleaner before, and the cord is too short to suck in some parts of the car. The function is a bit single and can only be used as a vacuum cleaner.

  11. 16

    by Vivian R. Little

    This is a handy tool to keep my car clean. It is so small so I keep it in the trunk and doesn’t occupy a space. I usually go fishing off shore and sometime I bring sands into my car, this vacuum will do the job

  12. 16

    by Jerry A. Webster

    It is really good,Everything came as pictured and I was pleasantly surprised, Florida’s rainy season ,there are a lot of ants into our house , after Insecticide , a lot of ant corpses in the home, let me decide to buy this ,it was perfect,so easy to use and not heavy, like it!

  13. 16

    by Erika R. Ross

    This vacuum is terrific. Super compact, easy to use, and plenty of suction for the purposes of quick clean up of messes in a car. My toddler is constantly making a mess of her snacks and it’s been so great being able to grab this tool and quickly clean up. The nozzle attachment is nice and low-profile to get into some smaller crevices that my much bigger Shop Vac can’t access.

  14. 16

    by Sarah I. Cataldo

    Strong suction and ease of operation make this the best of its type! The fact that it can be recharged from a USB port makes it so usable in my new vehicle.

  15. 16

    by Julie J. Jude

    Great little machine for the quick and fast clean ups. Dont have unrealistic expectations for it. Used for my camping trip and it great sucking up sand and dir (I have leather mats).

  16. 16

    by Ralph B. Daughtery

    Found it to be best for the price!
    This portable car vacuum is very handy and is the perfect size for my car cleaning needs. Since my car doesn’t have a connector this is the best portable vacuum I could have asked for. Does the job well with enough suction power.

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New Powerful Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner


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