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Interactive Dog Pets Puzzle Toys Slow Feeder


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  • Material: plastic
  • Size: Length: 250mm Width: 250mm Height: 58mm
  • Specifications: Press Roulette – Lake Blue, Press Roulette – Green
  • [With the American local brand and patented appearance] This is a puzzle toy designed to improve your pet’s IQ. Different from traditional entertainment pet toys, this toy allows your dog to get food rewards while becoming more intelligent through his initiative. It cultivates him using the brain and improves brain development. This toy combines the difficulty of level 1 and level 2.
  • [How to use the toy in the difficulty of level 1] We could start with putting treats or dog kibbles into the eight barns around the toy, six of them are clamshell type, the other two are slide type, and then guide the dog to flip or slide the lid of different barns with his paw or nose. The dog plays the toy to get food rewards, which mobilizes his brain and body synchronized, promotes his brain development and improves his intelligence.
  • [How to use the toy in the difficulty of level 2] The dog needs to go through two steps to get the food. First, he needs to press the transparent button at the top of the toy. The kibbles will fall into the six barns around the toy, then the dog has to open the lids of different barns with his paw or nose to get the food. Different from traditional puzzle toys, our toy allows the dog to refill food by himself in the difficulty of level 2.
  • [A slow-feeding toy with scientific design] Each barn can only hold a small amount of food, and the dog has to open the lid to get food. When he finishes eating, he has to press the top button again to refill the barn. This design can effectively slow down the eating pace of the dog and correct the bad habit of eating too fast. It increases the time and difficulty for dogs to get food, avoids indigestion, reduces gastrointestinal pressure, and makes them healthier.


Packing list:
Pet food bowl toy*1

Interactive Dog Pets Puzzle Toys Slow Feeder 8

Interactive Dog Pets Puzzle Toys Slow Feeder 9




Additional information

Weight0.40 g
Dimensions270 × 270 × 78 cm

Green Roulette, Lake Blue, Green, Lake Blue Roulette, 2pcs set

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12 Reviews For This Product

  1. 12

    by Jowel Prodhan

    My 85lb newly/lab was able to play with this the suction was great, I did wash the floor where it would be first tho.

  2. 12

    by Vivian R. Little

    My German Shepherd (he’s 1.5y/o) loves this. It took him a few days to be able to use it without help. But after I showed him a few times how to use it he’s happy to play with it. I put his puppy chow in it and he’s happy for the snack and the entertainment. He looks proud of himself. Note: his puppy chow is small kibble, works perfectly; it probably would work ok with regular sized kibble but I can’t speak to that.

  3. 12

    by Maggie Chesterfield

    This is my Yorkie’s favorite puzzle. I showed him one time how to get his kibbles and after that, he mastered it. He will let me know if it is puzzle time by leading me to the shelf where I keep it. It holds a good handful of his favorite dry kibbles. When he is done, he will jump on the cover to get more. Great product.

  4. 12

    by Ebony Cardona

    Both the puppy and the 9 year old dog love this. It has become their preferred method of feeding to the point they ignore their dog bowls and just want the ball.

  5. 12

    by Ronald T. Numbers

    I have an overly hyper pup and was looking for a way to direct his energy. He figured out how to use this quickly and really enjoyed the activity! I like that the food compartment is large and I don’t have to refill it repeatedly for a single activity.

  6. 12

    by Samantha Grun

    My puppy learned to use this the first day (with my some help to start) and she loves it, it keeps her entertained for several minutes and I use it to feed since she tends to eat quite fast so this slows that down. Overall great purchase and I would recommend it to others!

  7. 12

    by Samantha Grun

    My Aussie loves this thing. He sometimes gets a little aggressive with it and knocks the top off but otherwise it keeps him entertained for at least 15 minutes which is a lot in Aussie world.

  8. 12

    by Ronald T. Numbers

    My puppy loves looking for a treats and it kept him busy for a little while! It makes mealtime more of an activity for him than if his food was just in his bowl. Great product!

  9. 12

    by Candy R. Hampton

    My dog already owns one of these toys,but i have two dogs and I bought another to be fair,because they really like it.But make sure that the transparent lid is secured,as dogs can easily damage it

  10. 12

    by Bertha J. Hockenberry

    We have only had a couple of days but my Pittie LOVES it! She gets very excited when we fill it. She is not food driven so I didn’t have high hopes, but I was very wrong. It’s a huge hit! She loves to play with it. Unlike most of her toys she hasn’t destroyed it! Thank you!

  11. 12

    by Bessie J. Ramos

    Great product! Helped control the issue with my pet’s excessive wanting treats all the time problem. as of today, we are pleased enough to share that we gifted one to the neighbor.

  12. 12

    by Jennifer L. Mayo

    I bought this product to slow down my dog’s eating. He didn’t know how to use it at first, but I consulted instructional videos and taught him.

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Interactive Dog Pets Puzzle Toys Slow Feeder